Senate Confirms New SBA Head McMahon


After a delayed vote followed by eventual approval by the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, Linda McMahon has received confirmation from the Senate to take up the post as head of the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Reports Tuesday (Feb. 14) said the Senate voted in favor of McMahon 81-19.

“Mrs. McMahon made it very clear that she has the expertise, understanding and instincts necessary to bolster America’s small business community and advocate for much-needed regulatory reforms,” said Senator Jim Risch (R-ID), who is chairman of the Senate’s small business committee.

McMahon’s appointment follows after two failed runs as senator for Connecticut. Both times she lost to Democrats, Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy; according to reports, both Blumenthal and Murphy backed her appointment to the SBA.

McMahon was the chief executive officer of World Wrestling Entertainment before she stepped down for her senate races.

The Senate’s Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee voted 18-1 last month to move McMahon through the approval process. Before that vote took place, however, reports said Senate Democrats had delayed the vote. After she was approved by the committee, Risch issued another statement in support of President Trump’s pick to lead the SBA.

“It goes without saying that a nearly unanimous committee vote to approve her nomination shows that members from both sides of the aisle have great confidence that she is the right leader for the SBA,” he stated.