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Tipalti Strikes Another Digital Media Partnership


B2B payments company Tipalti is moving forward with its focus on the digital media and advertising industry.

The company revealed Monday (Jan. 16) that is has secured a partnership with LinkTrust, a digital marketing tracking company. Through their collaboration, LinkTrust will offer Tipalti supplier payment solutions to its digital media corporate clients that need to compensate their marketers, referral sales partners and publishers.

“With Tipalti’s roots in affiliate payments, the integration with LinkTrust is a natural path to streamline the complex payment cycle,” Tipalti CEO Chen Amit said in a statement. “Both platforms are feature-packed for elite performance networks and advertisers that need to grow their influence.”

According to the companies, their partnership will offer a seamless and automated marketing performance-to-payment workflow for LinkTrust’s clients, which are based across 190 countries. The integration supports six different payment methods across more than 120 currencies, they added, all in a white-label platform.

According to LinkTrust CEO Bret Grow, payment issues are a major pain point for this particular industry.

“Nearly half of affiliates say they’d drop an ad network due to payment issues,” he said. “So, it’s clear that all networks and advertisers need to take their payment experience seriously. The seamless integration between LinkTrust and Tipalti dramatically reduces the possibility of losing top affiliates, while also providing more time for our clients to focus on what they do best.”

Last year, Tipalti made a similar deal with Paladin Software, which also offers media technology services. In an interview with PYMNTS, Paladin Chief Executive Officer James Creech explained why B2B payments are such a challenge in the digital media sphere.

“There’s been an explosion of creativity and content,” he noted, adding that it’s created a “many-to-many” model in digital media and advertising. In an industry that once involved the straightforward process of measuring eyes on a television commercial or subscriptions to a magazine with a particular ad in it, this space has gone digital, making it more difficult than ever to measure how much traction, say, a Facebook ad gets — and more difficult to understand how much a business partner needs to be paid for that traction.


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