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StaffKeep Streamlines Payroll Onboarding For QuickBooks Users

Payroll technology company StaffKeep enters the QuickBooks App Store, becoming what it says is the first payroll onboarding solution on the platform.

StaffKeep announced this week that QuickBooks users can access its services through the App Store to streamline payroll onboarding. The company facilitates online completion of new hire paperwork, supporting electronic signatures of key documents like IRS W4 forms.

In a statement, StaffKeep Founder Jason Richelson pointed to the challenge small businesses (SMBs) face when hiring new staff.

“One of my biggest headaches as a small business owner was getting new employees set up in payroll and  then turned on in all my cloud-based software apps,” he said. “I created StaffKeep to automate that process and make it more secure.”

The integration with other cloud-based software solutions deployed in the enterprise means StaffKeep can quickly link new employees to tools like Microsoft Office 365, Dropbox and Google G Suite. Landing in the QuickBooks App Store means the solution can automatically capture payroll data and add that employee into QuickBooks.

Late last year, Intuit announced an update to QuickBooks to enable electronic invoicing and B2B payments for its SMB users with a focus on accelerating the speed with which small businesses get paid. That update also integrates with Gmail, the company said at the time.

“One of the major reasons is that most small business invoices are sent by outdated, manual methods,” the company said in its announcement. “Now, a small business can create invoices electronically and [select] ‘payments enabled’ — meaning their customer can click a single link to pay electronically, enabling the invoices to be paid two times faster.”

Payroll is a potential target for other faster payment technologies. In an interview with PYMNTS last month, Shrad Rao, CEO of payroll startup Wagepoint, said entrepreneurs and small business owners stand to benefit significantly from faster payment systems when it comes to payroll transactions.


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