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BankPoint Launches Treasury Pipeline Solution

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Texas-based software supplier BankPoint is releasing a new treasury pipeline solution for financial institutions, the company said in a press release Tuesday (Aug. 20).

The solution integrates workflow, electronic approvals, task management, and eSignatures so banks can close deals faster.

The process of fulfilling a new treasury service request is typically cumbersome, as it requires the coordination of multiple people within the bank, as well as the end customer, according to the release. When people are spread across different departments or geographic areas, there can be delays when closing a new treasury sale, which leads to lost sales and customer frustration.

“If you’ve got dozens or hundreds of services in the queue, it can quickly become overwhelming,” said BankPoint CEO Tom Heruska.

BankPoint offers solutions for banks and non-bank lenders throughout the U.S, Europe and Asia, and it streamlines the selling, approving, and configuring of new treasury services. The FinTech coordinated with TBK Bank in Dallas to develop a solution to meet the bank’s growing treasury department’s needs.

“The system is very simple and easy for our team to use,” said Angela Duwe, SVP of Treasury Management at TBK Bank. “I have people across five states, and it’s given them the ability to easily manage the new client on-boarding experience from wherever they are. It’s improving our time to revenue because we can onboard faster.”

Heruska added: “The eSign feature has been a game-changer. We’ve integrated seamlessly with HelloSign, an award-winning eSign solution, to streamline the document signature process from BankPoint directly to the customer’s inbox. What used to take days can now take hours or minutes.”

Heruska said the solution is already making a big difference for BankPoint customers.

“We’re seeing dramatic improvements in throughput for our clients and are excited about bringing the solution to the banking market nationwide,” he said.

Evolving technology continues to provide consumers with modern, digitally-integrated ecosystems of the modern financial services industry.


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