Decernis, Viaware Team Up For Food Supply Chain Compliance

Product compliance and risk management technology firm Decernis is collaborating with Viaware, an IT company in the food contact materials space, to promote compliance in the supply chain.

In a press release on Wednesday (May 15), Viaware said it will combine its software solution with Decernis technologies, which include compliance and supply chain management solutions, to augment its ability to promote safety and compliance within the food contact materials supply chain. Food contact materials involve packaging and equipment designed to come into contact with food.

Compliance in the food and food packaging space can be complex, the companies noted. The adoption of Decernis solutions will promote safety and regulatory compliance, and, more broadly, promote the acceleration of introducing new products to the market.

Its gComply solution is a web-based database that provides industry professionals with visibility into current regulations across countries. Its gComply Plus tool provides intelligence compliance analysis by comparing a product against those global regulations.

The collaboration will also see Viaware adopt Decernis’ Horizon Scanning solution, which provides insights into changing regulations and offers early risk warnings, as well as its Supply Chain Compliance Management platform. These tools will be added into Viaware’s FOCOS software, a risk and compliance management solution designed for the food contact materials supply chain.

“This partnership will provide customers with a cradle-to-grave solution to manage compliance and risks of food packaging and food contact materials, improving the safety of food and beverage products,” said Decernis Chief of Strategy and Business Development Dr. Ruud Overbeek in a statement. “Having access to integrated knowledge-, technology- and intelligence-enabled solutions, our customers can manage safety more effectively and efficiently.”

“This partnership will enable us to serve our customers even better with global regulatory coverage, better future insights and a broader product portfolio,” added Viaware Technical Director Kris Callaert in another statement.