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Panasonic Introduces New Tech Solutions For Manufacturing, Logistics, Retail

Panasonic has announced that it will showcase its latest collection of technology solutions for customers in the manufacturing, logistics and retail sectors at NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show. The company is set to introduce the new solutions via a series of educational main stage presentations on topics such as industry trends, streamlined processes, integrated digital solutions, as well as Panasonic’s professional support systems and services.

One of Panasonic's biggest announcements will be a first-to-market solution called Visual Sort Assist (VSA), a semi-automation software that combines barcode scanning, projection and 3D-sensor technology to detect and track parcels throughout a manual facility for dynamic sorting. The technology aims to not only cut costs in package routing, but increase throughput.

In addition, Panasonic will feature a variety of new integrated solutions, including delivery execution, which “offers visibility and traceability throughout the delivery process” and proof-of-delivery software that connects drivers, back-office employees and logistics management for quicker data entry and delivery, as well as fewer pickup errors. In addition, it will offer rapid application development, which rewrites software applications, making them compatible for seamless integration with warehouse management systems; voice picking, which eliminates the need for manual data entry to boost order picking through voice recognition software and mobile computers with barcode scanners; and in-store execution, which “connects workers to real-time information and alerts.”

“Supply chains are complex ecosystems, and the industry is rapidly evolving at every touchpoint, driving a critical need to develop technology solutions that customize and modernize the processes to create better efficiencies and work environments. We want our customers to rely upon Panasonic as their technology consultant, capable of providing custom solutions to amplify their capabilities,” said Magnus McDermid, SVP of mobility solutions at Panasonic, in a press release. “With our network of partners, we are able to offer customers drastically enhanced operations, from the back of the warehouse to the front of the store.”



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