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Centsoft AP Will Be ‘Seamless’ In Work With QuickBooks

Quickbooks and Centsoft will work together seamlessly, officials say

Centsoft‘s AP Automation cloud software will work with QuickBooks Online in just a few clicks, the company announced. QuickBooks Online, one of the world’s leading accounting packages for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs), needs the kind of fast integration offered by Centsoft.

For an SMB, the importance of seamless procedures of that nature is paramount. Many do not have the time to deal with complex or lengthy integration cycles. With its fully transparent integration, Centsoft will be able to do all the accounts payable work for QuickBooks, and users will be able to see invoices all posted to the correct accounts, Centsoft said.

Michael Cichy of Centsoft said the accounting software would provide many necessary services, such as integrating vendor register, accounts and currency. He added that no one needs more complexity to their workday than is already there.

Centsoft boasts a built-in invoice-scanning software, where users can scan paper invoices into the program or send electronic PDF files of their invoices directly to the Centsoft database. Since the invoice data is captured that way, manual data entry can be reduced, and users can spend their time on other, more vital accounting tasks.

Furthermore, Centsoft users can create “dynamic” workflows, and submit vendor invoices with approval to several people at once. Consequently, anyone authorized can approve invoices at any time of the day, 24/7 year-round.

The program uses artificial intelligence software to suggest the fastest and best ways to process invoices. A search engine allows for access to historical reports, as well as a trove of data from the past.

Centsoft is a subsidiary of Palette Software.

QuickBooks, meanwhile, has been doing well with Bank of America, as the bank allows the integration of data from third-party business apps on its Business Data 360 platform. QuickBooks is used by the platform to provide data for SMBs.



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