Deem’s New Software Aims To Boost Corporate Travel Booking Services

Deem, which works in mobile and cloud technology, has launched corporate travel booking software Deem Rise, according to a press release.

The software will attempt to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with managing travel and saving money.

According to the release, the new preferred rates through Rise will help SMBs negotiate with suppliers for better rates. Rise will help them offer preferred prices, with custom or specific rates for each corporation. The program also affords an easy way to help travelers maintain compliance with its travel program. SMBs will also have the capability to save money through the partnership, the company noted.

With the offering, Deem is targeting SMBs without full travel staffs, providing new benefits like guidance on quickly-evolving travel requirements, a creed of care and support for travelers during their journeys, potential cost savings and solutions to prevent issues with online bookings, the release states.

Using the Rise program, customers have the option to offer customized travel content while managing policies and approvals, as well as allowing customers to shop for airfare, hotels and ground transportation according to each company’s rules. Rise does away with the need to handle each segment individually.

Deem CEO John F. Rizzo said the company hopes to work with SMBs in a way that major travel companies once did.

“SMBs already know how cloud software helps level the competitive playing field for them,” Rizzo said, according to the release. “Now, SMBs can get the efficiency and cost savings opportunities of planning travel the way big companies do, without an overwhelming process or price tag.”

In July, Deem introduced a new search engine that boasts better speed and functionality. The engine aims to alleviate the booking industry’s troubles during the pandemic, offering a more streamlined, user-friendly experience.