Deem Rolls Out New Search Engine With More Options For Travelers

Mobile and cloud tech provider Deem, which works with travel companies, announced a new search engine with better speed and more functionality, a press release says, with an eye toward improving booking and the overall travel experience.

According to the release, the new search engine will now include better controls for filtering hotels, with new ways to search, including maps and lists, utilizing multiple sources to glean hotel information and removing duplicates.

The new engine is designed to combat a frequent complaint about the booking process, which is that online booking tools don’t provide a good user experience.

And, in light of the pandemic, the booking experience is extra important, as many users are foregoing travel due to the risks of the pandemic. Thus, according to the release, Deem finds it “extra important” to prevent leakage of traveler information on booking platforms, and businesses need to make sure to be prepared if travelers need to quickly cancel plans or change them.

Deem chief executive John F. Rizzo said the focus was on innovation.

“Whether that means developing entirely new features or redesigning them for an even better user experience, our mission is to create technology that travelers want to use,” he said, according to the release.

Deem CRO David Grace said the new engine with more focus on functionality “is a direct result of listening to their needs and concerns, and responding in the most effective and timely way possible,” according to the release.

Last year, Deem also announced an integration with time expense management solution Deltek in a bid to integrate Deem’s business travel management solution into Deltek’s OpenExpense Alliance. That means Deem travel bookings will be visible in Deltek’s expense management tool, allowing for easier entering of data rather than the old manual ways. That allows corporate managers to better see and control travel spending, according to the companies.