B2B Payments

Emburse Integrates Commercial Card Data Into Abacus Expense Reporting Platform

Expense management company Emburse has launched Emburse Cards for Abacus B2B customers to use as a real-time expense management service, according to a press release.  Emburse Cards will provide users with both virtual and physical solutions for corporate cards, and that will allow for an ability to make purchases that are more user-friendly, while letting organizations enforce expenses more easily in real time.

“Integrating Emburse Cards into Abacus gives administrators the ability to easily issue and manage corporate cards within their real-time expense management solution, providing a more seamless and user-friendly experience. The new offering also gives organizations deeper, real-time insight and control over corporate expenses,” the press release said. “Travelers who make purchases using their Emburse card will be prompted to capture an image of the receipt, and submit the expense within moments of spend taking place, drastically eliminating the time and effort needed to reconcile traditional corporate card expenses, while increasing employee productivity.”

The cards are meant for either ongoing business and travel expenses or as single-use cards for one-time purchases. Spending parameters can be set through a dashboard, with highly customizable options.

“Many organizations have long struggled with the challenge of gaining real-time visibility into purchases made on corporate cards, and, as a result, they were unable to get an accurate and timely picture of employee spend,” said Ted Power, chief product officer of Emburse. “With the launch of Emburse Cards for Abacus, we can now give finance teams complete control from purchase to reconciliation, with real-time workflows and automation. Organizations now benefit from a simple, timely way to improve spend visibility, and eliminate potential fraud and wasteful spend.”

The cards are optimized for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and large organizations. Emburse has partnered with financial firms so a business can choose its preferred funding method. 



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