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Gilded's Cypto Payments Technology Implemented By CoinMarketCap


Business payment and accounting solutions provider Gilded said that digital currency data provider CoinMarketCap has implemented its cryptocurrency payment technology, according to an announcement.

CoinMarketCap had reached out to Gilded to provide a solution that would automate invoicing as well as crypto payments, while bringing more payment options for clients.

“Digital currency empowers businesses to transact globally, while accelerating cash flow and minimizing fees,” Gilded CEO Gil Hildebrand said in the announcement. “Our solution puts digital currency payments and accounting on autopilot, so businesses can focus on innovation and growth.”

The technology from Gilded facilitates instant international payments with cryptocurrency and doesn’t charge transaction fees. Invoices are created automatically, while payments are also detected and reconciled. Gilded said it provides completely integrated custody and exchange while also helping with non-custodial workflows.

Gilded integrates with traditional payment channels, such as bank wires and credit cards, so clients can select their preferred payment method. It also works with popular bookkeeping and customer relationship management (CRM) systems to make for a streamlined workflow from payments to accounting.

CoinMarketCap Vice President of Operations & Growth Spencer Yang said in the announcement, “Gilded makes the integration of the sales process to receipt of payment easier, enabling our team to focus on delivering value to customers instead of managing the payment process manually. We have more predictability and can leverage Gilded’s initiatives on best practices as well.”

In separate news, A1, Austria’s major telecommunications firm, was taking payments in digital currency as part of an experimental effort, per news last August. The firm said at the time it would start taking crypto payments at certain stores, supporting ether, bitcoin, litecoin, xrp, dash and stellar.

A1 customers were to get a fixed conversion price for their digital currency asset of their choice at the time when they initiated a purchase over the pilot program.



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