Payroll Tech Firm Paylocity Debuts Time Clock With Thermal Scanning

Paylocity time clock
Photo courtesy of Paylocity

As the newest part of its attendance and time technology lineup, Paylocity has introduced new “next-generation” touch-free time clocks. The technology provides contactless and live temperature scanning to provide for secure and healthy offices, according to a Thursday (Sept. 10) announcement.

The clock offers fast “multipoint” thermal body temperature scans, and users can supplement the feature with tailored confirmations from staff that allow for the live evaluation of health and signs of illness.

In addition, the device provides quick facial recognition, biometric fingerprint detection, image capture to register and confirm identity, attestation prompts that support wellness checks and badge readers for in-the-moment time monitoring.

“The employee time clock is the most-shared device at many organizations, and as the pandemic continues, maintaining social distancing and ensuring employees’ health and safety has become a major challenge for many business owners and HR leaders,” Paylocity CEO Steve Beauchamp said in the announcement. “Our latest innovation answers the modern workforce’s call for contactless time collection.”

Beauchamp said the company is assisting organizations in removing high-touch locations, strengthening productivity and promoting staffer wellness by supplementing its time and workforce offerings with the new clocks.

He said the upgrades to the platform strengthen the company’s resolve to assist customers in weathering the coronavirus health situation in addition to offering flexible offerings that are optimal for modern offices.

Illinois-based Paylocity, which was started in 1997 and has been publicly traded as of 2014, offers human resources (HR) and payroll software products.

In April, Paylocity bought VidGrid, which works with peer-to-peer video platforms.

As it stands, Paylocity has harnessed VidGrid to have a Learning Management System (LMS) program that lets employers use third-party videos to disseminate information from experts in different subjects to workers.

Paylocity saw a chance to “expand the relationship” by buying VidGrid, according to a press release at the time. The use of videos will become increasingly essential for companies as the definition of work grows per news at the time.