Digital River, TreviPay Launch Streamlined B2B Pay For Lenovo

Global eCommerce enabler Digital River and TreviPay are partnering on a payment solution with Lenovo, which will boost frictionless commerce for B2B spaces, a press release said Wednesday (June 9).

TreviPay is working in facilitating streamlined and friction-free commerce intended for B2B buyers and sellers. By using the Digital River Global Seller Services, TreviPay will give B2B brands the ability to offer checkout options that are more efficient, letting buyers pay on their preferred terms.

TreviPay will allow users to get an extension on net terms and invoicing at checkouts at Lenovo stores, where the solution has now gone live in the U.K., Ireland, Germany and France.

“Innovative payment technologies are making it easier to reduce friction in B2B commerce, benefitting the buyer and driving better engagement for the seller,” said Brandon Spear, CEO of TreviPay. “In the new era of B2B commerce, offering a streamlined and convenient, embedded payment experience is essential for B2B companies to compete globally and drive customer loyalty.”

Eric Christensen, chief payments officer with Digital River, said B2B buyers want “a shopping experience that mirrors their B2C purchases outside of their business life.” He said the company was aiming to help brands such as Lenovo “navigate ever-changing customer buying habits while retaining repeat business.”

Lenovo EMEA director Angus Cormie said the opportunity would open up new ways for them to work in B2B, giving customers more control over cash flow and streamlining the accounting process.

Digital River and TreviPay debuted a payment offering in April this year that will, PYMNTS wrote, work on digitizing and building out a buying experience described as “consumer-like,” where corporates will be able to grow their business on international scales.

Spear, according to the report, said the partnership would help to strengthen client relations.

And Christensen said TreviPay’s ability to remove friction from the purchasing process would be an asset to the company’s B2B initiatives.