QuickFee Reveals Integration With Accounting Firm Xero

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QuickFee, which provides payments for professional and commercial service providers, announced a new integration Monday (Aug. 16) with the cloud-based accounting software company Xero.

The two companies say the move will make it easier for accountants to accept online payments — including credit cards, ACH/EFT and payment plans — from one place, helping solve accounting industry workflow challenges.

Customers will be able to click a link on their invoice and pay from their phone, browser or tablet, removing data entry work from both sides of the equation.

“Time and again, we hear from accounting firms and partners about two common challenges: The need to get paid on time while remaining empathetic to a client’s cash flow circumstances, and the need to cut down on manual data entry tasks for busy staff members,” Bruce Coombes, managing director of QuickFee Australia, said in an emailed news release.

“With the Xero integration, QuickFee solves both these challenges and delivers a true end-to-end payment experience, just as we have done over recent months for other clients in Australia such as GreatSoft.”

Earlier this year, Xero announced an integration with the invoice payment product iwocaPay that gives small businesses a pay later option.

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The companies say other benefits of the QuickFee integration include real-time receipting of client payments and the ability to process credit cards without the firm shouldering the cost of a merchant account. In addition, QuickFee will manage full payment card industry compliance, while the integration offers field completion directly from the Xero invoice.

“The QuickFee application is also easy to set up,” the release says. “Existing users can activate the new payment service from their QuickFee login and choose to start accepting a range of comprehensive payment methods, including payment plans. This gives customers the flexibility to pay how and when they want 24/7.”

In addition to the integrations with iwoca and QuickFee, the New Zealand-based company launched its own app store earlier this month.

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