Teampay Announces First-Ever Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams

The spend management platform Teampay announced a new integration with Microsoft Teams on Wednesday (Sept. 29), saying it was the first company of its kind ever to do so.

Teampay describes itself as a distributed spend management platform that “reimagines the purchasing process for employees, approvers and finance alike.” The company’s technology guides workers through the buying process using a conversion user interface with “approval workflows triggered by business rules,” giving all employees safe access to company funds. With this integration, Teampay says it can bring that experience to Microsoft users within the Teams interface.

The company says it is also the first platform of its kind to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and Finance & Operations, offering added assistance to users inside the Microsoft ecosystem.

“As we continue to adopt new ways of working, supporting employees within their workspace — regardless of physical location — is more critical than ever,” Andrew Hoag, CEO of Teampay, said in a news release. “Our new Teams offering provides a unique solution for the many companies who depend on Microsoft’s ecosystem and further expands our global enterprise reach. This groundbreaking solution delivers a seamless experience for employees, reducing friction and increasing satisfaction.”

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Last year, Teampay launched a program called Controller Collective, a Slack-based exchange designed to help controllers and senior accountants. The tool lets accounting professionals access online and offline events as well as useful content and peer-to-peer networking. Users can also discuss job issues, share best practices and hear from industry experts.

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The company also integrated last year with the digital contracting platform Ironclad to help connect financial and legal workflows and streamline spend management.

The integration and streamlining is designed to ensure that workers comply with policies, removing the responsibility previously placed on business owners who were expected to memorize complex and varied policies, systems and procedures on spend management.