ZenBusiness Debuts Invoicing And Payment App

Business management platform ZenBusiness has rolled out a new invoicing and payment app, per an announcement on Wednesday (August 10).

Called ZenBusiness Money, the platform will allow users to send customized invoices, accept credit card payments, bank transfers, and handle their income in one place from multiple types of devices.

The app will allow businesses the ability to track and categorize expenses automatically.

The app will come with other features like tax filing management, which will automatically track the income and expenses, making it easier for getting deductions and reimbursements on taxes. The app will also allow for seamless client engagement, where the clients can be added and communicated with more easily.

The app will also have the ability to add discounts and taxes as separate line items for every invoice along with the capability for quick payment acceptance, allowing for the ability to accept payments via credit card or bank transfer from which they’ll be deposited straight to the account.

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“Becoming an entrepreneur is stressful and intimidating, especially for marginalized communities who in years past didn’t have access to tools like those of today’s leading companies,” said Ross Buhrdorf, CEO of ZenBusiness. “Previously, aspiring small business owners would need to spend precious time doing research, finding the right accountant, choosing a bank to service their financial needs, and more before they could even start thinking about selling their product or service. With ZenBusiness Money, small business owners can do all of that in one place and free up their time to focus on getting to their first dollar.”

AlignBooks, a cloud-based provider of accounting software solutions, also recently debuted its new B2B app to allow smaller businesses to manage their financial operations all in one place. The app includes tools for operations like procurement, sales, billing, inventory management and more.

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