Bitcoin Daily: AOL Co-Founder And BoE Governor Next To Call Out Bitcoin Bubble

Add to the growing chorus of those who warn of an imminent bitcoin bubble a few prominent names in tech, the regulatory environment and beyond.

In the latest daily roundup are a few observers who have seen a bubble or two inflate and pop.

Steve Case, co-founder of AOL, was quoted in Fortune (and re-cited by CNBC) as saying that “the boom and mania around bitcoin in recent months reminds me a little of the .com boom and mania 20 years ago.” He did not offer predictions on the bitcoin phenomenon in its entirety, but said there will be “some winners and losers, and we’ll need to separate the core technologies from some of the current implementations.”

Separately, Mark Carney, governor of the Bank of England (BoE), said bitcoin has seen “remarkable” action in cryptocurrency value and remains for his bank an “active area of interest.” According to a Bloomberg report, the systems that enable the trading create some value, in Carney’s eyes, when looking at how distributed ledger technology might work on what the newswire termed “a systemic level.” That stands apart from the concept of cryptos issued by central banks themselves, Reuters reported separately, which is expressly not supported by Carney.

Finally, a survey from the Centre for Macroeconomics, as reported by Fortune, has discovered that 75 percent of roughly 50 European economists queried don’t view cryptos as a financial system threat. However, 61 percent of those same respondents think more regulations are in order, especially to curb tax evasion.


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