One in Six Consumers Orders Grocery Delivery Every Week

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The bulk of all grocery shopping may continue to be centered on the physical store, but the share of consumers adopting online options is on the rise.

By the Numbers

The July edition of PYMNTS’ ConnectedEconomy™ series, “The ConnectedEconomy™ Monthly Report: The Rise of the Smart Home,” which drew from a May survey of more than 2,600 United States consumers, found that 15.8% order groceries online for home delivery every week.

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The Data in Action

Where once Instacart held the lion’s share of the online grocery market, over the past few years, grocers have been building out their direct delivery networks, and new third-party players have been emerging to offer plug-and-play fulfillment options.

In recent weeks, U.S. leading pure-play grocer Kroger has been growing its customer fulfillment center (CFC) presence, leveraging automated warehouses for eGrocery fulfillment all across the country.

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