Walmart Keeps Shedding Corporate Jobs

While many brick-and-mortar stores have been battling it out within the eCommerce arena over the past few years, it looks like one of the largest retailers may also be falling into the crosshairs.

This week, Walmart announced it’s giving the axe to more U.S. corporate jobs by the end of April. While there is no confirmed number at this time, the company did say it will be in the “hundreds” via its international and technology businesses, in addition to its Sam’s Club warehouse chain.

Walmart’s spokesperson, Randy Hargrove, spoke to Reuters on what these corporate job cuts mean for the overall business: “As we said in January, to fuel our growth and our investments, we have to manage our costs and our capital decisions with discipline. This means we will continue to find ways to operate more efficiently and effectively.”

Following the 2016 elimination of 7,000 back-office positions and 1,000 corporate roles earlier this year, this new announcement brings up a few issues for the retail giant. Within the next few years, Walmart will either follow other brick-and-mortar closures like Macy’s and J.C. Penney’s, or it will continue investing in its eCommerce efforts to better compete with Amazon.

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