Walmart Gears Up For School Shopping

As parents plan for back-to-school shopping, Walmart said this week that it has launched tools that could help the chain gain revenue during this busy commerce season.

In a statement, Walmart said its mobile app now enables consumers to “locate the store aisle the item is in. Also new this year, customers will have the option to choose the products and brands from the school supplies list.” Last year, the chain debuted a feature that enables parents to shop from supply lists submitted by teachers.

Another new feature for the 2018 back-to-school shopping season is called “Buy the Room.” Designed for college students and their parents, Buy the Room “allows customers to add a group of items to their cart to shop a complete dorm look,” the retailer said. “Walmart will launch nine curated collections that each feature up to 20 of the most sought-after items college students search for.”

The chain’s physical stores will also play a role in bringing in revenue during back-to-school shopping. Walmart said it will set up dedicated product sections inside locations for “classroom décor items and supplies, like stickers, reward charts, dry erase boards, markers and more.” Along with that, the retailer said it has made “hundreds more back-to-class items available via pickup,” the service that enables parents and students to order supplies online and then pick them up at the store closest to their campus within seven days of ordering.

The chain also hopes to gain customers and sales by offering “lost-cost” immunizations and vision screenings on July 21.