Project Verte Launches Blockchain Marketplace For DTC Brands

Project Verte Launches Blockchain Marketplace

Project Verte has launched the MyVerte blockchain-based marketplace for direct-to-consumer brands. According to a press release, MyVerte will launch with over 100 brands, including new brands like Foreo, Temporary Forevers and La Luna Rose. The platform will also highlight new brands on a weekly basis.

Project Verte seeks to help brands remain independent and maintain their corporate and brand identities. According to MyVerte representatives, brands can control their messaging to consumers using a platform that is marketed for its user-friendly portal.

In the press release, MyVerte said it processes orders in fewer than two hours, in addition to utilizing its own technology to determine order influxes. According to representatives, operational innovations are just the first step in helping brands grow their businesses.

In a statement, Project Verte’s Founder and CEO Julian Kahlon explained the need for marketplaces that are designed around the specific needs of different brands, not the marketplace itself. Additionally, he said existing marketplaces position brands to sacrifice their identities and messaging.

According to Kahlon, the end goal is to enable direct-to-consumer brands to take back their image and messaging, and to speak to their consumer base in a way that best meets their internal needs and core values, and ultimately grows their business organically and sustainably.

Backed by $50 million in funding in 2018 alone, the MyVerte marketplace will provide businesses with data that has not yet been developed on competing platforms and provides brands with what Project Verte says is greater transparency. Specifically, this data will allow both a brand and its customers to be rated, similar to many ridesharing apps.

With this technology, a rating would apply to all engaged parties, allowing the brand to better tailor and target their markets.

On the heels of the MyVerte launch, Project Verte seeks to grow its network of offices around the country. Dallas, Los Angeles and other major cities around the country are all prospective options for the growing brand.