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Google Expands AR Beauty Features to Mobile Browsers

Google Expands AR Beauty Features to Mobile Browsers

Google has expanded the availability of its augmented reality (AR) beauty features by bringing them to mobile browsers.

The tech giant introduced AR beauty features to enhance the online shopping experience nearly three years ago, Google said in a Wednesday (Oct. 25) blog post, which added that shoppers interact with beauty products 10% more when AR is present.

The new expansion allows shoppers to try on hair color and foundation virtually on mobile browsers, providing a more personalized and accurate representation of how the products would look, according to the post. With the foundation try-ons, shoppers can choose to see what a foundation shade looks like on a diverse set of 148 models or virtually try it on themselves.

To make these AR beauty features more accessible, Google has made advancements in its AR technology, the post said. Users can now access these tools not only through the Google app but also from any mobile browser in the United States. In the coming weeks, AR lip and eye makeup will also be available on the mobile web.

The introduction of AR beauty features has not only benefited shoppers but also brands in the beauty industry, according to the blog post. After interacting with AR beauty on Google, shoppers are more likely to spend more time on the brand’s site and potentially research a new product or make a purchase. Google has improved the discoverability of its AR try-on feature in Search, making it easier for brands to connect with consumers.

More than 50 beauty brands offer AR try-on experiences on Google, the post said. The company also accepts AR assets from various data providers, expanding the range of products available for AR try-on.

In addition to AR try-on experiences, Google now offers AR beauty ads, allowing brands to promote their lip and eye products more interactively, per the post. The ads provide an inclusive try-on experience instead of a static product image, helping beauty brand partners showcase their products and capture consumer demand.

A growing number of brands and retailers are adopting AR try-on solutions to offer their customers an immersive and interactive shopping experience with which they can better understand what they can expect from the product, PYMNTS reported in March. These solutions increase customer confidence during checkout and reduce returns.

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