Trulioo Expands Cross-Border ID Verification

Trulioo, a provider of global identity verification, announced that its identity verification solution, GlobalGateway, has expanded into four more regions: Brazil, Russia, India and China.

This move allows its ID verification solution to power more cross-border commerce across the emerging middle class in those (BRIC countries) markets, which are expected to grow rapidly.

“We focused efforts in securing data sources in these particular markets due to the significant growth in cross-border commerce, which has been made possible by Internet penetration and mobile technology,” said Jon Jones, president at Trulioo. “These emerging markets of today are ripening to become the main markets of tomorrow and require versatile identity verification tools to do so.”

Those countries alone account for 41 percent of the world’s population, and of that, what is considered to be the emerging middle class has topped 1.2 billion in 2015 alone.

“The next billion offers one of the biggest growth opportunities for global businesses,” Jones said in a company news release. “Our clients can now expand into these new markets and on board new customers from the emerging middle class easier and faster than ever before.”

This specific solution enables Trulioo clients to connect with more than 145 data sources in over 45 countries in order to provide instant ID verification for over 4 billion consumers through a single API integration. GlobalGateway compares registration information against information collected and hosted by trusted and secure data sources in order to offer more transparent ID verification solutions.

Next month, Trulioo is scheduled to participate in a FinTech mission to Brazil, aimed at establishing FinTech-specific R&D collaboration and co-development opportunities between Canadian and Brazilian companies.