Gojek Debuts POS System For Indonesian Merchants That Accepts Cashless Payments

Gojek, a Southeast Asian super-app operator, is rolling out a new point-of-sale (POS) device, GoBiz Plus, for all-in-one purposes for micro and small- to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Indonesia, according to a report from TechInAsia.

The device is a collaboration with PT Bank Central Asia and serves as an extension to the merchant super app GoBiz, the report stated. GoBiz Plus works to help merchants accept cashless payment methods for offline transaction and embrace new digital strategies.

The cashless payment modes accepted include debit and credit cards, the standard Indonesian QR code system, and digital wallets like GoPay and LinkAja. Merchant partners, according to the TechInAsia report, can use the new service to record orders, update menus and prices and print receipts with the POS device.

Gojek’s apps have garnered hundreds of millions of downloads as of June this year, the report stated. The company said its services have aided over 900,000 retailers to access digital operations.

In November, Gojek closed a deal with internet service provider Telkomsel, which is a subsidiary of Telkom Indonesia and Singtel.

Telkomsel president director Setyanto Hantoro said the merger was based on the confidence that local Indonesian companies can become leaders in the field. In addition, he said the partnership would do well toward establishing a new digital ecosystem and expanding the company’s digital telco position.

Gojek is used by millions of people in Southeast Asia for numerous daily tasks, including payments, food delivery, transportation and logistics, and Telkomsel boasts over 170 million subscribers as Indonesia’s largest mobile phone network.

Indonesia is also increasingly a focus for Chinese investors as a new hub for FinTechs as India, previously a giant in the region, has closed its doors to them because of pandemic-related economic woes.