Physical Retailers Lag eCommerce’s Personalized Touch


According to a new retail market report, physical stores are still severely lacking when it comes to delivering the personalized shopping experienced consumers are looking for.

The “Great Omnichannel Expectations” report, commissioned by CitiXsys omnichannel retail software iVend Retail, found that retailers still have a long way to go if they want the unique experiences offered in-store to measure up to the personalized experiences consumers receive through eCommerce sites.

“When consumers shop online, they receive an individualized experience, including loyalty offers or recommendations tailored to their specific preferences. While many retailers have made strides in this area, their efforts have not yet fully translated to the physical store, where the consumer is more anonymous,” Tim Barton, director of strategic accounts at CitiXsys, said in a press release.

“The findings of this survey and the accompanying report can help retailers make smarter technology investments that will allow the store to perform more strategically.”

The convenience of eCommerce has had lasting impacts on consumers and the way they approach brick-and-mortar retail. In order for merchants to improve upon the experience for shoppers in-store, they will have to integrate the features consumers are used to having online, such as targeted deals and advertisements, the company said in a statement.

Roughly 1,000 U.S. and Canadian consumers were surveyed for the study, in which the following key findings were revealed: Online shopping is considered more convenient, personalized loyalty offers and mobile point of sale would help the in-store experience and more customers are utilizing online research before setting foot into physical retail locations.