Will Intel Sell Its Cybersecurity Business?

Intel may be looking to shed its Intel Security business, according to a Financial Times report.

While the sale of its cybersecurity unit hasn’t been confirmed by the company, the report indicates that Intel may also look at selling McAfee, an antivirus software maker that it bought for $7.7 billion.

This comes at a time when Intel is drastically shaking up its business model and learning to how to pivot after its declining PC sales continued to hurt its financials. In fact, Intel announced earlier this year it would be cutting 12,000 jobs. Instead of its PC business, Intel is now focused more on its chip-making business side. But for now PCs still make up the majority (60 percent) of its business. Chips account for the rest of its profits.

Where McAfee comes into the mix is the reason Intel bought the company and that was to embed its cybersecurity tech into the chips in order to offer better security. That concept never came to fruition, however, and has since left questions as to what’s next for Intel as it continues to develop its new business plans.