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Pebble Blows Away Kickstarter Goal For New Smartwatches

The Apple Watch might be the smartwatch du jour of the early adopter set, but that doesn't mean it has a monopoly on the market. In fact, the little-known Pebble is fast making gains through alternative funding efforts.

VentureBeat reported that Tuesday (May 24) saw Pebble launch three new Kickstarter campaigns for the Pebble 2, Pebble Time 2 and the non-smartwatch fitness tracker and music player Core. It only took Pebble around 70 minutes to rack up a cumulative $1 million in funding for its 2016 product lineup — a speed and funding total that a decreasing number of Kickstarter projects ever get to enjoy.

Now that Pebble has secured its funding goal and then some, it'll move onto the manufacturing and delivery phase. However, it'll take at least a few months before any Kickstarter backers see their Pebble devices. At the earliest, the Pebble 2 ($99) will go live in September, while the Time 2 ($169) is slated for November and the Core ($69) in January.

Pebble has also announced that the three devices will be the only products put forward by the company in 2016, unlike a late addition to the lineup in 2015.

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