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Say Goodbye To Free Hulu

There will be no more free Hulu.

Hulu told the Wall Street Journal that it will “phase out” its free online watching options, which allowed users to watch the five most recent episodes of ABC, NBC, Fox and other networks after an eight-day delay.

“Our limited free offering simply isn’t aligned with our focus on creating the best experience possible and delivering the best content we can to Hulu subscribers,” Hulu Senior Vice President Ben Smith told the Wall Street Journal.

As viewership of free Hulu continued to decline, the online streaming service was left with few options as it continues to try to transform itself into an online streaming service and original content provider to compete with Netflix.

But, as it announced the shuttering of its free online streaming service, Hulu also announced that it has expanded its distribution deal with Yahoo, which will launch Yahoo View – basically offering the same free online streaming services of ABC, NBC and Fox, etc. as Hulu’s previous online streaming service.

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