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BauBax's New Suit Will Charge Phones

New Suit Will Charge Phones

There's nothing quite like the anxiety from a draining smartphone battery, and even though mobile battery packs have made massive advances over the last few years, it can still be inconvenient to have one big enough poking out of a pocket. How convenient, then, that BauBax's newest venture uses the pocket as a charger all on its own.

Yahoo is reporting that BauBax, the maker of the uber-popular Kickstarter travel jacket, is set to unveil a new product line upon the world of tech-minded fashionistas: a fashion line that will charge any and all devices. Using charging pads half the size and three times as thin as the popular Qi line of wireless pads inserted directly into the lining of a blazer or a jacket, BauBax claims that simply slipping a dying phone into the pocket of such a garment will have it charged good as new in a matter of minutes.

In addition to suit jackets, BauBax is also offering charging-infused items including shorts, pants and a wallet with a battery pack. The wallet is a critical component to BauBax's charging system - by charging the slim battery pack overnight and slipping the wallet into one pocket in the morning, the other pocket is primed to emit battery life to any enclosed device in need of it.

Having had success with Kickstarter before, BauBax is returning to the platform to fund its connected clothing line with a new goal of $100,000. As of publication, they've raised just over $6,000 of the necessary amount, though there's nearly 2 more months of funding to go.



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