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Dine In At Dominos Now Includes Alcohol

From college life onward, there’s arguably one food and drink pairing that will likely never go out of style — pizza and beer.

While there are many pubs and restaurants around the world offering up this combination, it has yet to make it into the mainstream pizza chain arena until now.

Domino’s Pizza has announced it’s dipping its toes in the water by offering up a trial period of alcohol at its dine-in location in Brisbane’s Central Business District in Australia. Word on the street is that Domino’s applied for its liquor license in the area shortly after its competition Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar started offering adult beverage options at its Melbourne locations.

If this trial period is successful, the next decision for Domino’s to tackle will be whether or not it should roll out alcohol offerings to its other global locations.

Imagine having a six pack of beer delivered with two large pizzas on a Wednesday date night.

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