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DoorDash Dashes Into Booze Delivery

DoorDash is now offering alcohol delivery as well.

DoorDash, the online food delivery app, is adding another component to its delivery service: the ability to bring you alcohol.

DoorDash was already offering food delivery options from restaurants and certain breweries, but not alcohol. Now the company has launched a pilot program in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles to test out the viability of delivering booze to its customers on top of food (or maybe both together).

The new feature gives users the option of adding beer or wine with their meal delivery from certain restaurants, but DoorDash has also partnered with several breweries and liquor stores to also offer growlers and bottles as a delivery option as well.

Think of it as an easy way to pair the ideal wine or beer with your takeout meal, or also as a super convenient way to order bulk cases and bottles for that weekend pool party or BBQ.

DoorDash insists that its alcohol delivery drivers are over the age of 21 – for obvious legal reasons – and also does its best to vet that those ordering alcohol are of proper age.

Another interesting feature to DoorDash’s new service is that it built an entirely new payment flow to make the transactions flow more smoothly and legally, according to TechCrunch. The business providing the alcohol is the seller of record for the transaction, while DoorDash simply serves as the middleman to bring alcohol to costumers.

If successful in Southern California, DoorDash hopes to expand the service soon to other markets.



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