Veea And CITCON Bring Alipay And WeChat Pay To More US Merchants

Veea Inc. has announced a strategic partnership with CITCON, a cross-border mobile payment company, that will make Alipay and WeChat Pay available to more U.S. merchants.

Businesses that use VeeaPay will also be able to accept Alipay and WeChat Pay payments. In addition, businesses can promote their venues through the VeeaConnect platform, and consumers can use the Veea mobile app to find merchants that accept Alipay and WeChat Pay.

Data showed that last year, China was the world’s largest mobile payments market, with transactions reaching 81 trillion yuan ($12.8 trillion USD). And a report of the transactions in 2016 showed Alipay made up 54 percent market share, followed closely by WeChat Pay at 40 percent.

“Each year, the U.S. receives millions of visitors from China who spend billions of dollars on goods and services,” said Allen Salmasi, CEO of Veea. “The partnership with CITCON is an important part of Veea’s efforts to create a robust platform for retailers and restaurants that drives engagement and substantially enhances the customer experience. By accepting Alipay and WeChat pay, merchants stand out from competitors by offering a unique and accommodating shopping and dining experience.”

VeeaConnect enables customers to go beyond payment processing, including streamlined staff communication, bookings and targeted marketing. In addition, VeeaPOS offers an integrated, all-in-one POS platform.

“Chinese consumers traveling internationally want to have the ability to pay for goods and services in the method that is comfortable, convenient and familiar to them. This partnership with Veea is an important step forward in bringing Alipay and WeChat Pay to merchants in the U.S.,” said Wei Jiang, COO & President of CITCON. “Veea has created a unique smart platform that simplifies the payment process and enables merchants to build a community with their consumers. By accepting these mobile payment types, merchants are opening their doors and engaging with the significant number of Chinese consumers traveling internationally every year and now have the potential to reach a previously untapped audience.”