MA Minor-League Baseball Stadium To Offer Cashless Transactions

Should Unstaffed Stores Be Shelved?

Standard Cognition has revealed that it will enable cashierless transactions at a minor league baseball stadium.

A store with snacks, drinks, and souvenirs at Polar Park in Worcester, Massachusetts will enable customers to shop without scanning or stopping to check out, according to Standard Cognition co-founder and COO Michael Suswal. Instead, they can pay for their purchases via Standard Cognition’s mobile app, the Worcester Red Sox app, or in-store cash and credit card kiosks that automatically recognize their purchases.

The store is set to open in April 2021 and will stay open even when baseball games aren’t being played.

“We are pleased to be the first to introduce this innovative technology at a ballpark,” Worcester Red Sox principal owner and chairman Larry Lucchino said, according to VentureBeat. “We have long sought to reduce time spent waiting in lines in our venues, and Standard Cognition’s autonomous checkout technology will do just that. We look forward to introducing this enhancement at Polar Park and in other ballparks around the country.”

Standard Cognition’s platform uses cameras and algorithms to keep tabs on customers as they shop. The technology can even prevent shoplifting, with its AI algorithms can recognizing signs of theft from behaviors like trajectory, gait, gaze, and speed.

In September, Standard Cognition opened a 1,900-square-foot cashierless store in San Francisco. The location has dozens of ceiling-mounted cameras, and is stocked with snacks, personal care items, and cleaning supplies, with plans to expand its offerings over time.

“Standard is committed to helping retailers provide the best and most seamless checkout experience for their customers,” said Suswal. “Working with Larry Lucchino and his team, we have enjoyed creating an innovative, safe, convenient way to enhance the fan experience. We are honored to contribute to the sights, sounds, and smells of the wonderful city of Worcester.”