Mitek Powers Mobile Deposits For American Cancer Society

Mitek, a mobile capture and identity verification software company, announced Wednesday (Jan. 4) the American Cancer Society is licensing and integrating Mitek’s Mobile Deposit and MiSnap products into its mobile fundraising app.

In a press release, Mitek said that, with its MiSnap technology, event participants can use the video feature to auto-capture check donation images on both iPhones and Android devices as the donations are collected. That saves participants from having to mail in checks. What’s more, the technology makes the funds more quickly available to the American Cancer Society, Mitek said.

“Since checks are an important source of donations, having a reliable and innovative technology to help streamline the check capture process is critical to our success,” said Ben Kaplan, senior director of mobile for the American Cancer Society, in the press release. “Our goal is to create the best user experience for our donors and fundraisers, driving business value to help fund our mission of freeing the world from the pain and suffering of cancer.”

According to the companies, the American Cancer Society’s mobile app is used by tens of thousands of event participants.

“Mitek is pleased to play a role with the American Cancer Society in a way that so directly ties to their important fundraising initiatives,” said Michael Diamond, general manager of Mitek’s Payments Division, said in the release.

While the world is increasingly moving toward electronic and mobile payments, personal checks still remain an important source of donations for many nonprofits, including the American Cancer Society. In 2015, consumers donated $373.25 billion to nonprofits, with 71 percent of the donations coming from individuals and 93 percent coming from fundraising events and checks. Mobile Deposit allows the American Cancer Society to make it faster and easier for fundraising participants to get the donations they’ve collected to the American Cancer Society.