Shopify Eyes Buying Experience With Return Magic Acquisition

Shopify announced that it has acquired mobile app Return Magic.

Developed by a Montreal-based team co-founded by Guillaume Racine and Raff Paquin, Return Magic was launched in 2017 as a seamless returns solution that allows merchants to build loyalty while making shopping more convenient for consumers.

“We optimize the return experience to deliver a magical return touchpoint that engages and upsells shoppers,” wrote Racine in a Medium post. “We automatically create a front-end portal for integration directly on the merchant’s site, making the return experience much easier, faster and more personalized. Our vision is to create value for both shoppers and merchants by thinking differently about the return touchpoint.”

Return Magic was built exclusively for the Shopify platform and is the eCommerce company’s best-ranked solution, servicing more than 2,500 merchants. Users can auto-generate labels, refunds and emails in multiple languages, including Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Chinese.

In March 2017, Racine revealed the app had completed its 10,000th return.

“Return Magic is a top-performing app in the Shopify App Store, and its acquisition is another step Shopify is taking to help our merchants own their time and spend it on what matters most: their customers,” Shopify said in an emailed statement.

Shopify is working to make its platform easier for users. Just last week, the company announced a new mobile app dubbed Shopify Ping. Through the app, merchants can manage tasks through messaging without needing to switch between apps and tools.

“Shopify merchants are conducting many business conversations across multiple apps every day, not only to run their day-to-day operations, but also to manage customer inquiries,” Shopify Director of Product Michael Perry said in the announcement. “Shopify Ping was created to make all of this easier to manage. It’s a one-stop messaging app that lets them spend more time on what matters most — running their businesses seamlessly and deepening customer relationships.”