Travelzoo, UnionPay Team Up To Offer Direct Payments In China

Travelzoo, UnionPay To Offer Direct Payments

Travelzoo announced it has forged a partnership with UnionPay International to create a direct-payment experience for members in China, according to a release.

UnionPay is a global card company and has issued in the neighborhood of seven billion cards. The company’s network reaches 174 countries and regions.

Travelzoo said the team-up has streamlined payments for its China members by eliminating all third-party platforms. Members can now pay directly with their UnionPay cards, and Travelzoo perks, like Local Deals and Getaway Offers, will be accessible to UnionPay users in China. Also, every time UnionPay cardholders use their cards to make a purchase, they will get a recommended Travelzoo deal.

During the testing period of the partnership, Travelzoo said traffic to its site increased by more than 20 percent and revenue from local deals and getaways went up 60 percent.

“We are very excited by the benefits this partnership will bring to our members,” said Scott Wang, general manager of Travelzoo in Greater China. “Travelzoo inspires people to experience the world, and a direct-payment solution is essential to enable members to enjoy irresistible offers smoothly. With LBS technology, high-quality offers will be presented to more UnionPay users in the future, providing a great opportunity for us to encourage more consumers to join our Travelzoo family.”

Sheng Jinchun, general manager of product development at UnionPay International, said the partnership was fortuitous for both companies.

“Travelzoo is a trusted partner to UnionPay International because of its high-quality travel and entertainment offers, produced by a most rigorous and independent review process,” said Jinchun. “We look forward to making it easy for both UnionPay users and Travelzoo members to make purchases and experience the world.”

Travelzoo has about 28 million members and 25 offices around the world. It has been operating for more than 15 years and partners with 2,000 travel suppliers.

“(Our) long-standing relationships give Travelzoo members access to irresistible deals,” the company said.