Massachusetts Adopts Statewide ePayment Solution


The Commonwealth of Massachusetts is launching a new electronic payment solution with the help of Grant Street Group’s PaymentExpress.

The ePayment system will enable the commonwealth’s agencies, departments and executive offices to have the option to process payments electronically. Other government entities statewide, such as counties, cities, public authorities, libraries, school districts, public hospitals and public higher education institutions, will also have access to the services through the contract.

“Massachusetts will become the first state government using PaymentExpress, which is a significant milestone for Grant Street Group,” Ian Yorty, chief business development officer, said in a press release.

“We applaud the commonwealth’s office of the comptroller on managing such a large and complex RFP process in such a thorough and efficient manner.”

With the PaymentExpress solution, commonwealth entities will have the ability to accept all major debit and credit card brands for payments online, over the phone, via mobile or tablet devices and in person through point-of-sale kiosks. The system also supports eCheck payments, both online and over the phone.

According to Grant Street Group, the PaymentExpress solution will immediately improve the commonwealth’s overall payment and reconciliation process with reporting and integration tools for other systems.