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PYMNTS Money Quiz: How Do You Stack Up?

They say money doesn’t buy happiness, but over the Thanksgiving weekend, that phrase just doesn’t cut it.

Black Friday is about spending and moving retailers into the black. Small Business Saturday shifts the transactions to independent retailers. And then Cyber Monday reboots the shopping week into the digital space.

What do they all have in common? Money.

PYMNTS readers know about, well, payments. But what do they know about money? Take a few moments among the shopping chaos and play our Money Quiz and find out where you stack up.

By 1965, Disney planners had acquired 27,443 acres (43 square miles) in central Florida. The cost was just over how many U.S. dollars, and what would that be worth today?

a)      $500,000 in 1965; $3,854,838 in 2016

b)      $700,000 in 1965; $5,396,774 in 2016

c)      $2 million in 1965; $15,419,354 in 2016

d)      $5 million in 1965; $38,548,387 in 2016

e)      $7 million in 1965; $53,967,741 in 2016

The U.S. Space Station is the most expensive thing ever built. How much did it cost to build it?

a)      $50 billion

b)      $150 billion

c)      $200 billion

d)      $250 billion

e)      $300 billion

Oscar winners, upon receiving their award, must sign a binding agreement that if they choose to sell the statuette, they have a legal obligation to first sell it to the Academy for how much?

a)      $1

b)      $100

c)      $1,000

d)      $100,000

e)      $1,000,000

How many pennies are still produced each day?

a)      3,000

b)      30,000

c)      300,000

d)      3,000,000

e)      30 million

How many official currencies are there worldwide?

a)      91

b)      121

c)      191

d)      231

e)      321

If you’re worth your weight in gold, the average American is worth:

a)      over $100,000

b)      over $333,333

c)      over $1 million

d)      over $3 million

e)      over $13 million

Which state had the most identity theft last year?

a)      Illinois

b)      Massachusetts

c)      California

d)      Florida

e)      Louisiana

If you laid pennies out for the length of a mile, how much would it add up to?

a)     $80.44

b)     $484.48

c)     $844.80

d)     $4,844.88

e)      $8,448.48


1D, 2B, 3A, 4E, 5C, 6D, 7D, 8C

How did you do? 

0-2 correct – PENNILESS

America’s first president, George Washington, whose powdered wig-topped face is on the U.S. dollar bill, would be disappointed in your score. But never fear, there’s still time! Hurry and brush up on your money skills before the penny really disappears for good, and we can’t scrape a bunch together to line them up for the length of a mile.

3-5 correct – CAPITAL GAINER

Not too shabby! You know enough to maybe get a $1 Academy Award for feigning your money knowledge, but keep reading PYMNTS to keep those skills up!


They say money makes the world go ‘round, and you seem to have it on a string. Well, smartie, for a bonus, if you laid out pennies from New York City to Los Angeles, how many dollars would it be? Tweet your answer to @PYMNTS!


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