Moonlighting Aims To Be The Uber Of The Gig Economy

Gig economy startup Moonlighting, an on-demand marketplace app, is trying to cash in on the changing face of the workforce ever since the financial crisis of 2008, which ushered in a handful of gig economy companies, including Uber. Since the Great Recession, the country has been moving toward hiring freelancers and the self-employed.

Moonlighting, which was profiled in a Forbes report, is trying to transform how freelancers get their gigs, similar to what Uber did for rides. Created in 2014 by Jeff Tennery and Roy Slater, the startup sees itself as a mobile, on-demand app that enables people to make extra money and get tasks done by creating a marketplace in which people and small businesses can connect. The startup has raised $4 million in seed money and, according to Forbes, is slowly growing.

“Moonlighting is a mobile-based virtual ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for freelancers and small businesses, enabling them to find short-term work with the speed and efficiency made for today’s on-demand work world,” said Moonlighting CEO Tennery in the report. “We are redefining the way we all look at employment and providing the entry point for millions to join the Gig Economy 2.0 through our extensive network of partnerships with digital publishers.”

While gig economy marketplaces aren’t new, what sets Moonlighting apart is its own mobile payment platform. Because the startup provides the ability for users to complete hiring transactions online in a secure manner, it’s more appealing to both sides. Even better, people can be paid instantly for their services, thanks to the payment feature. Moonlighting began in Charlottesville, VA, and slowly started expanding across the country. The company has 350,000 customers and is aiming to go global.