USA Technologies Announces Availability Of 4G LTE ePort Connect

USA Technologies (USAT), a payment technology provider for the self-serve retail market, announced Monday (Jan. 16) its ePort Connect Platform G10-S Series is available and has been certified for use on the Verizon Wireless 4G LTE network.

In a press release, USAT said the latest generation of its ePort has advances in cashless payments processing, a mobile wallet and consumer engagement services. The new features are aimed at capitalizing on advances in wireless technology and smartphone devices, USAT said.

“Investing in 4G LTE and mobile wallet loyalty means investing in the future — not just ours, but our customers’,” said Stephen P. Herbert, chairman and CEO of USA Technologies. “By adding G10-S to our portfolio, we believe that we can offer an even more robust suite of services with greater capabilities, combined with powerful processing and an enhanced consumer loyalty experience. USA Technologies is continually striving to add value for our customers by staying ahead of the technology curve. G10-S provides our customers with the latest in wireless technology, as well as providing them access to our growing suite of services.”

USA Technologies said the ePort is the first 4G LTE cashless payment device in the unattended small ticket retail industry, and it enables USA Technologies to offer customers faster processing and more functionality, including the ability to support value-added services. The G10-S is expected to be available nationwide in February. USA Technologies said another benefit of using the new ePort is a minimum network lifespan of 10 years.

“The nationwide availability of the G10-S would enable USAT to offer its customers enhanced functionality for payment and consumer engagement applications that require higher speeds and large data loads and make it possible to support certain add-on features as technology and customer requirements evolve,” the company said in the press release.