LollyLaw Debuts Online Native Payment Offering

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Immigration lawyer-focused cloud-based practice management solution LollyLaw has launched LollyPayments, a native online payments platform that allows users to collect and reconcile payments without calling on third-party vendors, according to a Wednesday (July 13) press release.

Paradigm recently acquired LollyLaw and LollyPayments becomes the third Paradigm product to launch fully native payments capabilities, joining PracticePanther and Bill4Time.

“From working with tens of thousands of law firms across Paradigm, we know the tremendous boost a native payment processor can have on a firm’s productivity and bottom line,” Paradigm CFO and CRO Colin Li said in the press release. “This is especially true for immigration practices, which require a wide range of collection options and languages.”

LollyPayments offers what Paradigm says is the fastest payment turnaround time in the industry, with firms receiving funds 70% faster on average; a range of payment options, including scheduled payment plans, payments via SMS, payments via QR Code and payment client portals that can be translated to more than 10 languages; and no monthly membership fees.

“What makes LollyLaw so great is its intuitive functionality and ease-of-use,” LollyLaw Co-founder John Levesque said in the announcement. “When building LollyPayments, we kept that simplicity in mind and believe that in a matter of moments, anyone can familiarize themselves with this new feature. Accepting payments doesn’t have to take a ton of time, and it doesn’t have to break the bank either.”

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