Making Cashless Payments Picture-Perfect

The big picture for most merchants is the bottom line. Companies want to ensure they aren’t missing out on the chance for new customers or additional purchases. In this month’s Developer Tracker™, PYMNTS spoke with Super Booths CEO Jeremy Radino about the increasing need to accept cashless purchases easily and flexibly. You can find that, along with the latest news from leading players in the space and a directory with profiles on 100 developers, including 11 new additions to the tracker.

The world just keeps getting smaller.

With increasingly more global connections and advancing technology to support them, consumers around the world expect to be able to access digital commerce solutions quickly, easily and conveniently.

So how are developers answering the call?

In this month’s Developer Tracker™, we see that developers in the commerce space quickly expanding their offerings to new markets, and across new borders, in order to keep pace with the growing demand for more digital (and global) touch points.

With President Barak Obama’s visit to Havana serving as a backdrop, Stripe announced that it too would come ashore on the island. The company announced it would offer its Stripe Atlas service to Cuban entrepreneurs for the first time. Samsung, meanwhile, announced it would bring its mobile payment platform to China. Samsung Pay will make its debut in the Asian nation thanks in large part to a partnership with UnionPay.

European clients of TSYS will also be receiving new services, as the payments solutions provider announced that it was introducing its real-time cardholder alerts to European clients. A new partnership between Vantiv and Credorax also hopes take the businesses of Vantiv merchants across borders, with Credorax facilitating card payments in 35 local currencies for Vantiv clients process.

The April edition of the Developer Tracker, powered by Vantiv, also features the latest news and analysis and boasts 100 developer profiles, including 11 new additions to the directory.

Picturing Perfect Payments

In the latest tracker, PYMNTS spoke with Super Booths CEO Jeremy Radino about why the move to integrate cashless payment acceptance is taking the company’s interactive photo booths to the next level and helping to capitalize on additional sales opportunities.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Just think of how many additional sales we’ve missed over the last four years because you have to put $5 in to start then at the end of the photo session you have 45 seconds to decide,” Radino said. In most cases, he added, people may not have the extra $3 in cash on hand to actually buy extra copies.

“Who knows how much we’ve actually lost out on?”

 A question that they won’t have to worry about answering for much longer.

Super Booths is now making a major move toward retrofitting their machines with the ability to accept cashless payments allowing guests to simply pull out a credit card, swipe and purchase their additional prints quickly and easily.

“This is why it’s so important for that payment piece to work seamlessly with existing software for that additional opportunity,” Radino pointed out. “Flexibility is very important, we needed something that flowed with system and could be a part of its source code.” 

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