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ANZ, Ingenico Roll Out Payment Touchscreens

ANZ and Ingenico have set up the first multipayment Connected Screens that enable consumers to donate to a charity with a simple tap of their contactless cards on the screen.

According to Finextra, these touchscreens are currently installed at the Inside Retail Live exhibit in Sydney, Australia, and can accept $5 to $30 donations to the Smith Family Children’s Education charity.

Ingenico acquired the company behind the “Screen Commerce” concept at Think&Go in April 2016. The technology is an easy payment and media platform for store applications and pop-up stores, especially in high-traffic areas where people often make impulse purchases, such as shopping malls, airports and train stations.

And with the integration of Shout, the digital giving platform acquired by ANZ in April 2015, the Connected Screens will make cashless donations easier and encourage cardholders to actively contribute to their communities, according to a press release.

“We find that donors are increasingly willing to give in ways other than cash,” said Rosie Simpson, head of fundraising at the Smith Family. “Easy-to-use digital platforms are essential for us to grow giving digitally.”

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