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Five On Five: A New Way To Fight Online Counterfeiters

Five at Five: Payments News

Welcome to Five on Five, your late look at some of the freshest payments news of the day. Today’s stories cover subjects ranging from online marketplaces to a new examination of Wells Fargo’s financial practices. There is also news about two new payments deals involving major players and a report that explains why one part of the hot subscription services sector is running behind the rest.

Automating The Counterfeit Crackdown
Sketchy products can slip past the manual protections of growing online marketplaces, threatening relationships with buyers and sellers. Jewel Paymentech, though, has come up with an automated way to thwart counterfeiters through a digital net designed to catch criminals.

Mastercard, IFC Expand Partnerships To Bring Digital Payments To Emerging Markets
Many financial institutions in emerging markets have difficulty covering their transaction settlement obligations, which makes it harder for financial services to scale quickly. Learn how this new deal could help change that.

Wells Fargo Handling Of Retirement Assets Under Scrutiny
The Department of Labor is examining if Wells Fargo pushed retirement-planning customers into pricier accounts and toward buying more expensive investment funds, generating more fees for itself, according to a report.

Barclays, PayPal Team Up To Let Customers Use Their Accounts Together
The partnership could benefit millions of consumers and small business customers as the two major payments players focus initially on enhancing products and services for their U.K.- and U.S.-based customers, including U.K. small businesses.

Data Shows Financial Services Has Unrealized Opportunities in Subscriptions
Subscription services stand as one of the hottest areas of digital comment. But a new PYMNTS analysis shows that consulting and financial services are sector laggards. Learn why even some of the largest and most sophisticated companies are having trouble.


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