Flywire Unveils Enhancements For Student Data, Payments Tracking

Flywire Unveils Enhancements To Help Educational Institutions, Recruitment Agents

Flywire has unveiled several enhancements to its payments platform designed to help education recruitment agents better handle student data and track payments. The features will also assist agents in keeping possible fraud to a minimum, according to an announcement.

Flywire is introducing a tailored dashboard that lets agents directly provide students with payment reminders and track payments through their system. The platform displays the status of every payment made to institutions, offering real-time visibility into the status of every student payment request as well as access to each student’s payment details.

Sharon Butler, EVP of education for Flywire, said in the announcement, “Education agents play a very important role in the relationship between institutions and their international students. Their ability to represent education institutions locally can make a big difference in how a school is viewed by prospective students. By enhancing our agent platform, we are helping to not only streamline the international student recruitment process, but also to optimize the way agents engage with both students and schools worldwide.”

“Flywire has set the gold standard for cross-border payments in the international education space,” said Mark Lucas, founder and managing director of iae Global, one of Flywire’s partner institutions. “Their ability to connect schools, agents and students throughout the entire payment process enables a trusted and seamless experience for all involved. As a result, we’re able to create stronger relationships between the students and the schools we represent.”

In addition to iae Global, Flywire’s partners include ACIC, Global Education Alliance, AUG Study, Global Reach, KC Overseas Education and IDP Education. Their certified education agents work with Flywire’s payment platform to recruit students around the world for institutions.

In February, Flywire acquired healthcare tech startup Simplee, while also closing a $120 million Goldman Sachs-led investment round.