Amazon Prime Now’s Golden Ticket

Everyone one loves free stuff! This holiday season, be sure to look out for a golden ticket in the mail — if you’re an Amazon Prime Now customer, that is.

Amazon is running a nationwide holiday season promotion across the country where Prime Now customers can win a range of prizes from free plane tickets to a free dinner from Amazon Restaurants. The promotion even has celebrity endorsement. Actress Lea Michele, famous for her role on the Fox television series Glee, got in on the act and made a surprise delivery cameo, says GeekWire.

Amazon’s Prime Now service offers over 25,000 items across 25 categories, including household items, groceries, electronics, gifts, seasonal items and more. In addition, Amazon Prime Now offers one-hour delivery from restaurants and local stores to consumers in 25 cities, counties and regions in the U.S.

For any last-minute holiday shopping and shipping needs, Amazon Prime Now will be operating until 11:59 p.m. on Christmas Eve. The premium service, which started rolling out worldwide in 2015, provides customers in a growing number of locations with free two-hour delivery, along with one-hour delivery for $7.99.

Amazon Prime Now pulls in 10 million customers per month, purchasing a range of items in four main categories: media (60 percent), electronics <$50 (47 percent), personal care products (44 percent) and apparel (41 percent). A further 22 percent make grocery orders through Amazon Prime Now.


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