Athleisure Rules Social Conversions Among Apparel Retailers

It was a good time for athleisure on social media according to the newest data out from TotalSocial (Engagement Labs). The newest edition of the ranking sees Adidas, Nike, Reebok, Under Armour and Puma all as top ten finishers for the converting social interruption to consumer action in the apparel industry.

TotalSocial measures social conversions online and offline, as well as word-of-mouth around brands. Adidas and Nike, according to rankings, are strong both online and offline, but Adidas has taken the lead on social media. The edge is narrow but observable, particularly among high value “superusers” that tend to influence more engagement.

The strength by Adidas comes as the firm is pushing a comeback after financial struggles in 2015 and a loss of its top spot among athletics retailers to Under Armour.

Engagement Labs further noted that athleisure brands that finished strong in the TotalSocial rankings are not even maximizing their potential by more exactly tying their social media efforts to their marketing efforts that are app based. Nike has rolled out the much anticipated Nike+ mobile app, which includes training advice content along with mobile shopping capabilities.