Handbags Go On-Demand

The instant-gratification, everything-on-demand culture seems to have finally hit the world of handbags.

That’s right, handbags.

It was probably only a matter of time, but there is now a subscription service for handbags. This bold new innovation in the on-demand retail subscription world comes courtesy of a startup known as Ivory Clasp, which will send subscribers handbags valued at over $100 for a $45 monthly fee.

And these handbags are name-brand, not fast fashion or designer knockoffs, and are all in-season products instead out of the out-of-season or remainder products sold at most third-party or discount retailers.

“The average women, regardless of price point or demographic, buys basically five to seven bags per year,” Co-Founder Sean Rimokh told TechCrunch. “So we launched this business with a bimonthly target… We say users are more likely to convert from bimonthly to monthly than to cancel.”

Ivory Clasp subscribers can elect to receive a new bag every month for $45, or once every other month under the $45 bimonthly subscription option.

Ivory Clasp also follows the subscription service model by having new subscribers take a quiz so they can better understand the consumer’s style and preferences through a series of photos, and then sends them handbags that correspond to those types of choices in the future.

“The problem we’re solving is that there’s a new, 21st century girl who doesn’t have time to be super involved in fashion, or doesn’t have the money to spend on high-end bags or high-end clothing,” Co-Founder Avi Zolty told TechCrunch.


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