How The Gap Is Gearing Up For A Comeback

Gap is doing some spring cleaning — and rearranging — that may indicate that the struggling retailer is looking to bounce back in 2016.

Seeking Alpha has taken a look at Gap’s Transition/Spring floor set and what promise it may portend for the chain as a major store design overhaul compared to what its stores looked like coming off of a less-than-stellar holiday season.

Starting with an image from mid-January depicting a rather sparse offering of denim in the front room at a Gap store, the Seeking Alpha story shares an image of the same front room in the following week, which had been transformed to show a fuller, more robust selection of colorful clothes.

That visible improvement is mirrored in another picture the outlet shares, this one showing a section of the women’s floor in the Gap store.

In the final two images that Seeking Alpha shares, the focus on colors and key items (t-shirts, cargo shorts, et al.), hinted at in the previous two, is shown in full effect. The outlet posits that a focus on color presentation in its stores would be a wise move for Gap, as that type of visual arrangement could be particularly eye-catching for consumers at shopping mall locations.

The Seeking Alpha story concludes that the arrangement of Gap’s Transition/Spring floor set is a move in the right direction following the sparse inventory that was found at the chain’s locations in December, for example. The solidly designed colors that will be a part of the Gap’s upcoming season create, in the outlet’s opinion, a better shopping experience than what it has offered recently.



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