Why Loves Facebook’s Dynamic Ads

While the actual efficacy of Facebook’s ads are a hotly contested topic among the experts, has recently come out with enthusiastic support for a platform that makes it just a bit easier to give consumers the extra handholding they might want or need when first getting acquainted with a relatively new brand.

Jet’s top use for Facebook’s dynamic ads is to market to the more than 7 million consumers who have the Jet app and have browsed products but haven’t quite managed to pull the trigger yet. The main strength of the dynamic ad on a mobile device is that ads appear on mobile devices in consumers’ Facebook news feed in Facebook’s app, Instagram and on Audience Network, Facebook’s mobile ad network. uses Facebook’s dynamic ads to re-market to consumers who have already viewed a product page in-app or added a product to their cart in-app but haven’t yet purchased it.

“Our primary goal is to drive new buyers to make their first purchase,” said Lauren Picasso, associate director of marketing at “Dynamic ads allow us to automatically show highly relevant creative to people who have demonstrated intent while using our app.”

And Jet reports Facebook’s ads are helping. The marketplace’s clickthroughs have increased 63 percent over regular FB ads, and the ads have decreased Jet’s cost per acquiring a new customer by 56 percent in its Facebook app campaigns.

Jet also uses non-dynamic Facebook ads to drive traffic to its website to contribute to the 28.97 million U.S. visits per month to its site.


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